About Us

We’re Gymnasts – We’re Coaches – We’re Athletes – We’re Innovative… 

We’ve trained hard and we’ve competed at the highest level; we want you to focus when you are training and achieve your goals too … without the agonising pain and suffering of calluses on your fingers and palms.

If your hands are damaged then training becomes difficult, maybe impossible – our tape grips will help you.


About You

You’re a Gymnast – You’re an Athlete – You’re Competitive…

You’re a high achiever and you want to be the best that you can be!

Repetitive grip training with torn skin is painful - deep cuts and infection can result in you being forced to the sideline – setbacks are painful too! Trying to ‘power through’ cuts and rips will probably do more damage.  Reduce the disruption to your workouts – our tape grips will help you.


About Calluses

Calluses symbolize hard work!  They’re thickened layers of skin and are caused by friction, constant pressure and irritation in one area – they’re uncomfortable!

During the healing process, the body adds more layers, you can soften your hands and try filing the rough area with a pumice stone but we think prevention is better than cure – our tape grips will help you.


About GymKiwis Tape Grips

After making hundreds and hundreds of ‘single use’ grips for our gymnasts every day, we’ve created the greatest new product.  Our tape grips are more durable and last longer than conventional grips that are made from athletic tape. We tested a range of materials and our 100% cotton tape grips are the best – they’re robust they retain their shape they’re easy to wear – they’re reusable.


So Convenient   So Useful  So Quick   So Comfortable

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